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Qianben Wang Laboratory

Laboratory of Cancer Epigenomics

Department of Cancer Biology and Genetics, The Ohio State University

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Current News in the Lab

March 2016
Ben earned his PhD in Biochemistry upon successful defense of his dissertation entitled "Looking beyond the androgen receptor for transcriptional drivers of prostate cancer."
January 2016
Ben and Dayong's paper entitled “Integrative analysis identifies targetable CREB1/FoxA1 transcriptional co-regulation as a predictor of prostate cancer recurrence” was accepted by Nucleic Acids Research.
August 2015
Zhong’s paper entitled “Ligand-dependent genomic function of glucocorticoid receptor in triple-negative breast cancer” was accepted by Nature Communications.
August 2015
Kaifu and Zhong’s paper entitled “Broad H3K4me3 is associated with increased transcription elongation and enhancer activity at tumor-suppressor genes.” was accepted by Nature Genetics.
June 2015
Qianben received an OSU Pelotonia Idea Grant with our Co-PI, Dr. Steven Clinton.
December 2014
Zhong’s paper entitled “Agonist and antagonist switch DNA motifs recognized by human androgen receptor in prostate cancer” was accepted by EMBO J.
July 2014
Qianben received an OSU Pelotonia Idea Grant with our Co-PI, Dr. Steven Clinton.
July 2014
Ben was awarded a Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA, F31) from the NIH/NCI.
May 2014
Ben received an award for "Outstanding Poster Presentation" at the annual Life Sciences Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs (IGP) Symposium.
May 2014
Ben was selected for the 2014 cohort of the Pelotonia Graduate Student Fellowship program.
December 2013
Dayong and Ben’s paper entitled “Three-tiered role of the pioneer factor GATA2 in promoting androgen-dependent gene expression in prostate cancer” was accepted by Nucleic Acids Res. The article has been selected by the editors of Nucleic Acids Research as a Breakthrough Article. [[1]]
December 2013
Zhenqing and Zhong’s paper entitled “Computational analysis reveals a correlation of exon-skipping events with splicing, transcription and epigenetic factors” was accepted by Nucleic Acids Res.
September 2013
Qianben was promoted to an Associate Professor with Tenure.
July 2013
Qianben was invited to serve on the Editorial Board of Mol Cancer Res (AACR journal).
September 2012
Xiangtao Liu from Yale University joined the Wang lab as a postdoctoral fellow. He is co-mentored by Dr. Shili Lin at the Department of Statistics. Welcome, Xiangtao!
July 2012
Cassandra has been awarded a NIH T32 Oncology Training Grant. Congratulations, Cassandra!
July 2012
Cassandra Grenade joined the Wang lab as a postdoctoral fellow. Welcome, Cassandra!
June 2012
Qianben received a 2012 Endocrine Society Early Investigators Award. [[2]]
June 2012
Ben Sunkel was accepted into the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) MED into GRAD Scholars Program at The Ohio State University. Congratulations, Ben!
June 2012
Ben Sunkel from the Ohio State Biochemistry Graduate Program (OSBP) joined the Wang lab as a graduate student. Welcome!
December 2011
Qianben’s proposal was recommended for funding by Department of Defense Prostate Cancer Research Program (Idea Development Award - Established Investigators).
November 2011
Chunpeng published an article entitled "Definition of a FoxA1 Cistrome That Is Crucial for G1 to S-Phase Cell-Cycle Transit in Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer" in Cancer Res Full Article and Supplemental
October 2011
Qianben was awarded the 2011 V Scholar grant [[3]]
Qianben obtained his OSU pelotonia idea grant
September 2011
Ying Ying Lee from Chinese University of Hong Kong joined us as a Visiting Scholar. Welcome!
August 2011
Our invited review article entitled “Androgen receptor-driven chromatin looping in prostate cancer" was published in Trends Endocrinol Metab Full Article and Supplemental
Qianben obtained a NCI R01 grant
July 2011
Hongyan published an article entitled "CCI-779 Inhibits Cell-Cycle G2/M Progression and Invasion of Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer via Attenuation of UBE2C Transcription and mRNA Stability" in Cancer Res Full Article and Supplemental
June 2011
Zhong published an article entitled "Phospho-MED1-enhanced UBE2C locus looping drives castration-resistant prostate cancer growth" in EMBO J Full Article and Supplemental

November 2010
Qianben received a “2010 Young Investigator Award” from Society for Basic Urologic Research [[4]]
August 2010
Zhong published a review article entitled "Histone modifications and chromatin organization in prostate cancer" in Epigenomics Full Article
February 2010
The Ohio State-Indiana University Center for Cancer Systems Biology, lead by Dr. Tim Huang, was funded by the National Cancer Institute. Dr. Wang becomes the prostate cancer project leader.

July 2009
Our paper entitled "Androgen receptor regulates a distinct transcription program in androgen-independent prostate cancer" was published by Cell as the Featured Article. Full Article and Supplemental, [[5]]