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HotCat is a wikipedia:JavaScript that helps registered users easily remove, change and add categories to OpenWetWare pages. It has a suggestions list that will propose existing categories for auto-completion.

Example of HotCat usage


To install HotCat, simply go to your preferences and check the HotCat option in the Gadgets tab.

Usage tips

Normally HotCat automatically saves your edit. However sometimes you might wish to go to the edit box instead to verify and then execute the save yourself. Instead of clicking OK, click OK while you have the modifier key pressed. On Windows computers this is the ctrl-key, on Apple computers it should be the option-key.


  • Safari 3: Tested and fully working
  • Safari 2: Has a non-harmful issue with displaying the "change" (±) link.
  • Firefox 2: Tested and fully working
  • Firefox 3.0: Tested and fully working
  • IE 7: Tested and fully working
  • IE 6: Tested and fully working
  • Google Chrome: Tested and fully working
  • Opera: Tested and fully working

It is also tested and confirmed to be working in combination with Navigation popups, wikEd and the modern skin.