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Hi Adam,

Welcome to OpenWetWare. I see that you've put your lab online, so I'll spare you the general welcome note. Just a couple of things.

  1. Check out the following page: Special:Recentchanges/Ratner -- This page will give you only those changes that begin with Ratner in the title. It's an easy way to see who's changing what and when on your site.
  2. Since you have the naming convection down, I bet you probably already know about the dewikify feature. If you don't, check out this site Essentially it is a daily scrape of your wiki page, to make it look more like a normal website.
  3. Your user page currently links to your lab page. Most users use and expect this page to contain information about yourself, and not necessarily your lab. In addition, other member of your labs can use their own user pages to give information about themselves. That way you can link to these individual pages from the people page of your website. You don't have to do this, it's just a convention that makes things a little easier.

Anyways, it's great to have your lab onboard. I hope things are going well. Let us know what we can do to help as well.

Thanks, --Sri Kosuri (talk) 18:44, 10 October 2006 (EDT)