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Pebbles in a Box, The third state of Matter.

Abstracts :- Matter has many dimensions at the same time but all in different directions. So Matter that occurs in space and time interacts with each other in different dimensions. For example in a box full of pebbles each interacts based on different dimensions. So each particle in the idea of particle (or a string of the string theory) can have different dimensions (unique dimensions). And for a particle no two dimensions overlap. So the geometry of interaction is limited only by the dimensions of the particle (cubes, pyramids, eggs, or like pebbles based on their origin). In the string theory if we can imagine a string to have many dimensions and any of its dimensions more representative at any given instance making it closer to one-dimensional and explain why such approach would seem logical.

What this paper claims.

1. Dimensions don’t exist independent of particles.

2. Each particle has a unique dimensions based on its origin.

3. No two dimensions for a particle can be the same. (length and width even if of same size are in different directions)

4. Dimension of each particle are independent of each other, there is no common dimension for all particles.

5. Particles interact according to the geometry of their detentions.

6. If particle occurs as matter or energy is based on such interactions as referred in point 5.

7. Any of the dimensions can be larger than others even infinite.

8. The dimensions can project into infinite, into neither space nor time completing a circle.

9. This state of occurrence where a dimension enters space time neutral position (Para) is where infinite and the visible present in time meets.

How the idea of looking at a particle with Pebbles in a Box explain both uncertainty and the string. Because for an ideal particle with no other particle around, occurring signally is nether energy nor mass only dimensions and the Para. But the moment the first particle is born all dimensional entities occur as mass or energy and depending on where they are placed in space and time. This also explains the Big-bang theory and other such phenomena. The moment first particle occurs, the dimensions cause the bang.

10. All matter in the universe is connected by dimensions, moving towards the state before the Bang.