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3/20/2015 Zebrafish lab

You need to write a clear methods section. You had some scattered in the results, but you also need to include that they are stored at room temp in plastic boxes to minimize dehydration, and say what days the solution was changed and what days they were fed. Also include anesthetizing the embryos. And I think Ellery had to start with new embryos on day 1 and day 4, so that is important to mention.

Your results section contained no quantitative data. Did you measure length, heart rate, or eye diameter? Qualitative is OK, but you still need to compare numbers of fish. Were all 20 of experimental and all 20 of the control fish hatched at day 4? Did they have the same pigmentation? I can't tell if there is any difference between experimental and control. Were the remaining experimental and control fish the same at day 7? Also you forgot conclusions...


16S sequence - You should have sequence information from two samples. Also, you need to compare the published characteristics of your sample to what you originally observed in lab. Did you also identify the sample as Gram negative, etc.? You should also include a reference for your information about the species.

Invert lab - very nice description of worm movement. You need to write out the methods, not just list the materials. For this lab, that would include how the Berlese funnel was made.

You are missing the plant lab entry and the vertebrate identification lab entry.

2/6/2015 Where are the results and conclusion? LS