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Alzheimer's disease is a debilitating disease which may be influenced positively with the use of dietary nutrients; specifically with foods containing phytochemicals. The purpose of this project is to rewrite chapter information on this topic originally researched and written by Dr. Richard E. Hartman. The hope is that this can be submitted in the form of a review article and subsequently published.

Currently I am searching recent review articles written on this topic to decide if there is a need for such a review article.

Below is a list of some of the journals publishing articles on Alzheimer's disease & nutrients:

  • Free Radical Biology and Medicine
*Nutrition and the Brain
*Journal of Gerontology
*Journal of American Geriatrics
*Parmaco. Biochem. Behavior
*Arch. Neurol
*Geriatric Soc
*PostGrad. Med
*Free Rad. Research
*Food Chem
*J. Neuroscience
*Mech Aging Dev
*Brain Res (rats)
*J. Agric Food Chem
*Nutr Neurosci
*Exp Gerontol
*Int. J. Dev. Neurosci
*Am. J. Epidemiology
*Am. J. Clin. Nutr
*J. Gerontol. A Biol Sci Med

Must find a journal that will take unsolicited reviews.

Testing Jerry's rats

hey there melissa - i'm reading your May 9th entry for the testing, and while cleaning up the format will help, some of the items could use some more explanation to help me understand what you did - for instance, the "wall", etc?

also - what were your general observations about each test - how did the animals perform on each test, generally? what about your sense of the "usefulness" of each of these - I haven't done some of these so i don't have the experience, but if i understand the test better and how the animals responded overall, it may help me get a sense of its validity. where did you get these tests from? could you compile a source list on the project's front page?

"Do we need smaller cage cover for neonates?" not sure what this exactly means....

did you see any of the histology?

(i'm curious as to why he didn't want to tail pinch, poke with blunt end of q-tip, etc?)

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