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Week 2 Feedback

Here is the feedback on your Week 2 assignment.

  • Thank you for completing your assignment on time.
  • You made changes to the Summary field about 80% of the time; this is very good, but remember we are aiming for 100%.
  • You answered most of the questions for the Aipotu Molecular Biology portion. However, you needed to give the amino acid sequences for the alleles as well. You created the pure-breeding purple organism, but could have given a more in depth biological explanation. I think you said "amino acid" in a few places when you really meant "nucleotide".
  • Similarly, your conclusion could have been backed by a little more scientific explanation of what you observed in your modeling.
  • Please include a "Data and Files" section for your notebook, even if there are none; you can make that note there.
  • In your Acknowledgments section, please provide a little more detail as to the nature of your collaboration. Did you meet only in class or outside? Who contributed what to the project?
  • Overall, a very good first attempt at an electronic notebook. In the future, be sure to explicitly answer all questions from the exercises.

Kam D. Dahlquist 17:11, 23 September 2016 (EDT)

Week 1 Feedback

Here is the feedback on your Week 1 Assignment. Thank you for completing the assignment on time. You may make up the points you missed on this assignment by completing the requested changes by the Week 3 wiki deadline, midnight Tuesday, September 20 (Monday night/Tuesday morning).

  • You completed all of the the items in the assignment, except for the following:
    • You wrote something in the Summary field for 66 out of 79 changes, or 84% of the time. This is respectable, but we are aiming to write in the Summary field 100% of the time. Be aware that you've written something before you click "Save page".
    • You are missing a link to a website external to the OWW wiki.
    • You have only two levels of headings; for the assignment, you need three. That means you need headers with 2, "==", 3, "===", and 4, "====" sets of equals signs.
    • You can delete all of the auto-text that OpenWetWare placed on your Talk page below my feedback.
  • I am thinking that you feel akin to being a naturalist because you have worked out in "nature" more than the average city dweller. Do you think that Janovy is slanted towards a particular field of biology?

Kam D. Dahlquist 03:39, 13 September 2016 (EDT)