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Week 2 Feedback

Here is the feedback on your Week 2 Assignment.

  • Thank you for submitting your work on time.
  • You wrote something in the Summary field about 70% of the time. Remember, we are aiming for 100%, so you have a little more work to go in this arena.
  • You answered all the questions in the exercise.
  • In terms of the electronic notebook, you needed to describe your methods and results in more detail. For example, what specific crosses did you perform, and what were the counts of offspring resulting from those crosses?
  • You made good use of screenshots in your notebook.
  • This was a good first attempt at an electronic lab notebook. In the future, when creating your electronic notebook, ask yourself whether you would be able to retrace all of your steps given only the information you have recorded.

Kam D. Dahlquist 16:09, 23 September 2016 (EDT)

Week 1 Feedback

Here is the feedback on your Week 1 Assignment. Thank you for completing the majority of the assignment on time. It is noted that you added the image and the acknowledgments and references late (and also part of the shared entry due to article access problems). For Week 1, I am not penalizing late entries, but you will incur a penalty for submitting assignments late starting with Week 2. You may make up the points you missed on this assignment by completing the requested changes by the Week 3 wiki deadline, midnight Tuesday, September 20 (Monday night/Tuesday morning).

  • You completed all of the the items in the assignment, except for the following:
    • I did not receive an e-mail from you with the answers to the two e-mail questions. You still need to send me an e-mail, even if the answers to those questions is "no".
    • You wrote something in the Summary field for 47 out of 57 changes, or 82% of the time. This is respectable, but we are aiming to write in the Summary field 100% of the time. Be aware that you've written something before you click "Save page".
    • You have only two levels of headings; for the assignment, you need three. That means you need headers with 2, "==", 3, "===", and 4, "====" sets of equals signs.
    • You have included an image, but you did not upload a file and link to it on your page. The process is similar to using an image; you could upload a PDF version of your resume, for example.
    • You used bulleted lists, but did not create a numbered list. The process is similar except you use # instead of * to create the list.
    • You need to "comment out" something by using <!-- and --> in the editing window.
    • You created a template with the lists of assignments, individual journals, and class journals. However, the text is appearing as "run-on" lines. It is a peculiarity of wiki syntax that if you want text to appear on a separate line, you have to put an empty line in between them, not just a single return. Alternately, you could use a bulleted list for this.
    • Your Academic Honesty statement in your Acknowledgments needs your wiki signature.
    • You can delete all of the auto-text that OpenWetWare placed on your Talk page below my feedback, if you want.
  • You didn't say why the engineer appeals to you--I am curious!

Kam D. Dahlquist 02:09, 13 September 2016 (EDT)

Hello, Jordan T. Detamore! This is a welcome message from OpenWetWare. By the way, we've announced you on the home page! You can leave messages to any OWW member by editing their User_talk pages like this one. And don't forget to personalize your User Page so that we can get to know you better! We've included some tips below to get you started.

Basic Wiki Instructions

  • Don't be afraid to edit! As with all pages on the wiki, all versions are saved so its easy to undo. If you have any questions feel free to send us an email.
  1. Start off by clicking the 'edit' button to the right of this section, or at the top of the page.
  2. Now you should see the text of this section as text within an editor box. There are several buttons in the editor box, but don't worry about those for now. Just type something in the box, scroll down to the bottom, and hit the 'Preview' button.
  3. You should see the web-page and text box views, but now with your edits! Don't forget to save your changes by clicking 'Save Page'!
  4. Editing pages is as easy as that. There are of course many ways to format your text. The easiest way to learn is to find an OWW page with the formatting you like, click on the edit button again, and see for yourself how it was created in the text box. Here's an extensive list of formating examples. Or look at this OpenWetWare introductory tutorial.
  5. When you are done, remove these instructions by clicking the edit button for this section again, erase everything you see in the text box and click 'Save Page'. (And remember you can always retrieve these by clicking on the 'history' tab at the top of this page.)

Note that these instructions apply to any page on OWW. Feel free to contribute to OWW by editing pages to add content, update them, or even correct mistakes. OWW relies on an active community to manage our growing resource of open access information, and we need your help!

Personal/Lab Info

We have gone ahead and filled in some information you provided us in your membership application on your User Page. Please take a moment to embellish this and tell the community a little more about you. Put links to your lab pages, your projects and your interests. If you run out of ideas, take a look at some of the other User pages. For example, check out User:Julius_B._Lucks, User:Jason_R._Kelly and User:Reshma_P._Shetty.

You'll also notice that we have put an 'image' placeholder at the top of your User Page. We encourage you to upload an image of yourself to give OWW a more personal feel. To upload an image, click on the Upload file link on the left-hand side (toolbar). Choose a file from your computer, and remember the file name. After you have uploaded the image, you should see it loaded on its own page. Go back to your User Page, click on edit, and replace 'OWWEmblem.png' with the name of your file that you have uploaded in the second line of this page.