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Hello Florian,

It's great to see a new lab come up online. I hope you are finding the site useful. I thought I would point out a few things just in case you didn't know.

  1. Check out the following page: Special:Recentchanges/Freimoser -- This page will give you only those changes that begin with Freimoser in the title. It's an easy way to see who's changing what and when on your site.
  2. Since you have the naming convection down, I bet you probably already know about the dewikify feature. If you don't, check out this site Essentially it is a daily scrape of your wiki page, to make it look more like a normal website.
  3. You may not know about the Biblio reference tool, which allows you to pull relevant information from papers, just from a pubmed ID.

Anyways, I really like your site design. (If the wiki seems weird, it's because the css you are adding for your title bar is overriding the wiki css). If you have any questions/comments, please let us know.

Thanks --Sri Kosuri (talk) 18:59, 10 October 2006 (EDT)

css and js

The default mediawiki css and js can be found here (Please don't change):

Your user css and js can be found here (these override defaults):