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1/19/2015 Observing our Transect at AU

Purpose: The purpose of this experiment was to introduce ourselves to our niche that we will be observing. In every ecosystems there are millions of living microorganisms that may be living in the soil, a certain type of plant, or anywhere else in the niche. The second part of this experiment was to see how evolution took place in the Volvocine Line. The reason why we are doing these two experiments is to introduce ourselves to the many different types of protist and to introduce ourselves with the concept of evolution. There was no need for a hypothesis in this first experiment.

Material and Methods: When we observed our transect, my lab members and I were describing our location and topography. Second, we had to draw an aerial-view diagram of the transect and be specific in the observations we see. Along with this step, we had to indicate in the diagram north, south, east and west. Last, we had to list the abiotic and biotic components of our transect and indicate their position in the transect. For the second experiment we were doing, we had to use a microscope to view the Chlamydomonas, Gonium, and Volvex. We prepared a slide by using a pipet and dropped each organisms to our slide. We repeated this step for all three organisms. Second, we observed the numbers of cells present, colony size, specialization of cells, mechanisms of motility, isogamous or oogamous, and we drew a picture of the specimen.

Data and Observations: