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January 27, 2014

Lab 1

Transect 5

Location: Off campus; near Wesley Theological Seminary. Mostly under the shade of three trees: Holly, Pine and (dead) Oak tree. Thick layer (roughly 1 foot) of ivy and other greenery covers most of the ground. Located near the bottom of a small hill on which a concrete Seminary building sits. On the bottom of the hill sits a picnic area with benches. Transect appears to have no human footprints, trash, or any other obvious evidence of human disruption.

Abiotic Factors: limited sunlight from the shade of the trees, runoff from the building on the hill, moist soil, dead Oak tree, dead pine needles on the ground, damp air.

Biotic Factors: Thick foliage on the ground, ivy, holly tree, pine tree, and bird (unidentified) in the pine tree.