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For methods, make sure to state the concentration of rhodamine. I think you started out with one concentration because I forgot to tell you to dilute it, and then changed, so you should make sure to mention this. Much of the data in the column labeled "notes" should go in the methods section of your paper.

Your results are neatly organized in the table, but I have some questions. What do E, F, and I refer to? The stages in the lab manual only go to 48 hours after fertilization, so by day 4 your embryos should be past that unless they were severely delayed. If you used a different scoring system you should reference it. You also have a lack of quantitative data. Did you save any fish from day 7 (2/27) so you could measure their length? You also could have measured the heart rate or created a numerical scale to measure movement. Much of what you have now is anecdotal data which you cannot use for statistical tests. When you state if a heartbeat is detected, did you observe that in all of the hatchlings, or a subset? You can make a nice graph of % hatched and or % surviving over time. LS

3/6/2015 Excellent! Thank you for describing your two samples well enough that I didn't have to go back and find your original table. LS


Vert lab - Good use of resources to identify species. I like that you included the fleas and lice in the food web! You did not identify Archaea in lab, so leave those out. Also, remember that protists are eukaryotes, and different from bacteria.

Invertebrate lab - excellent!

Plant lab - It was good that you attempted to identify the plants, but Bryophyta and Gingkophyta are phyla, not Genera. I am not so concerned about you figuring out the Genera of the moss, but you should try for the trees. Unless you took samples from multiple Gingko trees, I think you could only have one Gingkophyta, as there is only 1 species that survives. For your lab report, you might want to include any plants that are actually labeled in your transect. That will make it easy to find the Genus! Also document the leaves or overall picture of the trees. LS

2/6/2015 Excellent! It was helpful that you had a column in the table for the image number. I'm not sure what "Bigger than 3T" means? LS

1/30/2015 Your descriptions are lovely and the table is nice, and I appreciated that you thoughtfully answered the questions in the manual. Next time, include either original pictures or drawings of the organisms instead of (or in addition to) the pictures from the key. LS

1/26/2015 Your table looks very nice and I liked how you linked it to the map. Please add a little bit to the methods about how you made the Hay Infusion. LS