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Sorry about that! Just updated with this information. Also realized that one chart did not paste over correctly and updated - AS


In the methods section, you need to include the concentration of caffeine that you used, and also when you fed the fish.

3/6/2015 Beautiful! LS


Yes I did run out of time unfortunately! Sorry :( I'm going to finish this entry for this week's lab for a complete final product, but I know it's late. AS


Vert lab - did you run out of time?

Invert lab - Great! You should note which inverts were taken from your sample and which from a previous section's (see Courtney's entry).

2/16/2015' Okay thanks! I'll connect with my group about this so we can better identify our plants for our final lab report. Appreciate it! AS
2/15/2015 This is very good. However, for your lab report, it will be useful to have a better idea of the identification of your plants. For example, if you look up "genus of lawn grass" you can narrow it down pretty quickly. See: All of the plants you have are angiosperms. LS

2/6/2015 Excellent! I appreciate that you used scientific notation in your serial dilution table, and you describe the dilution procedure from last week. I also like how you labeled each figure. LS

1/30/2015 Lab 1 is great. For lab 2, you're missing a Conclusions section, and a description of the serial dilution. LS