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Vincent Rouilly, PhD Candidate

Department of Bioengineering
Imperial College London
South Kensington SW7 2AZ
London, UK

email: vincent.rouilly (at)


  • PhD candidate, Bioengineering Department, Imperial College London (Expected Feb 2008).
    • Stochastic Modelling of Synthetic Genetic Networks.
    • Experimental Design applied to stochastic simulations (Sensitivity Analysis, Robustness, Optimisation)
  • Erasmus exchange, ETSIT Madrid. 2001.
    • Bioengineering and Medical Image processing major.
  • French Engineering Diploma, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications, Paris 1997 - 2001.
    • major in Signal and Image Processing.

Work Experience

  • General Electric Medical System, Paris. 2002-2003
    • Software R&D Engineer
    • Medical Image Processing applied to digital X-ray Mammography.
  • Visiospace, Paris 2001-2002
    • Software R&D Engineer
    • Image Processing


  • Synthetic Biology 3.0, Zurich 2007.
    • Poster: "Generalized Stochastic Petri Nets to Model Synthetic Genetic Networks"
  • BioSysBio, Manchester 2007.
    • Poster: "Registry of Standardized Biological Models in CellML"
  • Noise in Life, Barcelona 2006
    • Short Talk: "A multiscale modelling framework for multi-cellular systems in Synthetic Biology"
  • 'Systems Biology', Keystone conference, Taos 2006.
    • Short Talk:"Integrated Laboratory Information System for in Silico Experiment Validation"

Teaching Experience

  • iGEM (international Genetically Engineered Machine Competition) (2006, 2007)
    • lead graduate instructor (team recruitment, synthetic biology teaching, project mentor)
    • 2006 project: 1st Runner-up. "Engineering a molecular predation oscillator]
    • 2007 project: Gold Medal. "Cell-free Urinary Catheter Infection Detector".
  • co-supervisor Master thesis, 2006
    • Project: "Sensitivity analysis applied to genetic circuit induction protocols"
  • UROP project supervisor, 2006
    • Project: "Building a library of modular BioBricks models with CellML"


  • Lab Techniques: E.Coli culture, Cloning, Flow Cytometry, Fluorescent Microscopy.
  • Programming: Java, C++, C, SQL, PHP.
  • Languages: fluent French, Spanish, English.


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