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Virtual Application

Koch asked me to find out anything about virtual machines so we can deploy our tracking software easier to any one who wants to use it. It is a good idea since virtualization fools the application into thinking it is communicating with the OS when it isn't. This allows the application to work the same on any OS. While looking up virtual machines i came across virtual applications which i think is what we really want. I'll write the differences below.

But to make a virtual application apparently it is best to purchase software that will do it. According to this website the most common platforms are

  • Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V)
  • VMWare ThinApp
  • Citrix XenApp
  • Symantec Software Virtualization Solutions (SVS)

A virtual machine is a set up that mimics the operating system of the computer. Anything running in the virtual machine is in its own world and can't break out of it. A process virtual machine is set up to run only one process. An virtual application is a process virtual machine that has just enough operating system (JEOOS) to work.

I was starting to get this confused with a portable application. A protable application does not need to be installed and does communicate with the OS.

IF we wanna set up a computer that people can log onto and run this software we might be able to do that with something called hypervisor. I am trying to figure this out now.