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Testing the Tracking

I had to fix some bugs in my generating data software, but it seems to be working now. I made a movie with a velocity of 5 pixels/frame. Then put it through my tracking software and it said 4.97 pixels/frame for the back and 5.05 for the front. That sounds pretty good. However this was under "ideal" conditions. The microtubule was completely vertical (if ind it handles these the best) plus the signal/noise was down. But for a first run at least my generating data software plus the tracking are working pretty well.

Also i wanna double check my prefactor in the Airy Disc.

I gotta go to class soon then i'll take the rest of the day off since my brothers are in town, but i'll leave this upload of a cirlce-line trajectory i made.


It didn't do such a great job tracking as it says the velocity is 4.86 for the front and 4.86 for the back. Actually now that i think of it this might not be so far off. The actual data could be affected by the circle as well. I have to check the real "made-up" data. The real data is a bit noisy. I have to look into this, but the velocity is 5. And the front of the microtubule should have got that. The noise in the real data is only on the back. So i am not sure where that noise is coming from but i'll find it.