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Poster Child

I am working on the poster over here. I have filled in words for the tracking software. I'll put that box into the poster once i get Ant's picture of a gliding motility assay. I would like a better title, so i'll have to think about that.

Koch suggested a Tale of Two Projects: Shotgun Chromatin Mapping and Kinesin Motility. I am just not a fan of Dicken's enough to use that allusion. So i gotta think some.

hehe. i should make it Two Scoops: Shotgun DNA Mapping and Kinesin Motility. But i guess saying that they are 2 scoops probably isn't a good idea in science.

How about something like Twice the Projects is Twice the Fun: Shotgun DNA Mapping and Kinesin Mobility
I am open to suggestions too people

I should put in headers now that say SDM or Kinesin Motiity above each column. That will take up more room I don't really have but it might be necessary. Same with putting a line down the middle.

OK i tried to work from home when Ant finished the picture but it is a pain in the fucking ass to move things around. everything moves so slowly so i am gonna give up for now. Sorry koch, but you can still read the words and fix them.