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Future Improvements

  1. Add a force dependence into the rate constants
    • Look at "force production by Single Kinesin Motors by Schnitzer, Vissher, Block for a starting point to learn how to do this
    • Also "Modeling Motilityof Kinesin Dimer from Molecular Properties of Individual Monomers" by Fan, Zheng, Hou, Li, and Wang uses results from Block's paper so that can help as well
  2. Add a concentration dependence into rate constants
    • I know that binding ATP, ADP both should be in X 1/Ms so that should be multiplied by concentration. I am not sure if there is anything more than that
    • It would be interesting to see if this follows the Michaelis-Menten Equation like it should
  3. Allow for easier changes in rate constants.
    • Right now you gotta wire global variables to change rate constants. A that selects certain ones and changes like you want may help. but i am not sure how to do this yet.

Poster for Silver INCBN

The first draft is almost done. I hate most of my writing. The only thing that isn't done is the tracking box, but that'll get done when i get Ant's picture for that. I was hoping to have the first draft done. Koch, maybe you can look at this now and give your thoughts so i can do more work tomorrow and possibly less on Sunday. It is in the z drive under the name 2009 INCBN Poster SDM and Kinesin.ppt

The whole left side is the same from last poster. I didn't touch anything really. The right side is new and a bit disheveled and kinda crappy. What can I say I am not feeling it.