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Odds and Ends

Ok now I have completely did away with the best fit idea. It used to be used to find the edges, but that got replaced by finding the first and last pixel. It then was used to help find the coordinates to be used for the next magic wand but that got replaced by center of mass coordinates. Both of those are from the IMAQ Particle Analysis. I haven't completely deleted the best fit stuff yet, but it looks like it'll happen sooner or later. I just want to make sure that the center of mass coordinates is working fine and all.

I fixed the .avi creating portion of the program. I made a nice little to do it.

I still have not bound together all the parameters like threshold values and all that shit so that this can be redone. Nor have I made a saving algorithm yet, but that doesn't seem too hard.

Hey Koch, is it important to be able to track MTs when they cross? I was just thinking that this program works fine and all but it would be pretty amazing to be able to do that. Should I spend time thinking about how to accomplish this?

If Koch says it isn't that important right now, then i'll make the saving stuff that i haven't done yet tomorrow. [UPDATE] Koch says in this talk page that i can deal with that when the problem arises. So tomorrow I'll work on saving shit. This will means i can upload values into my thresholding which will be great since i don't like having to do that manually each time. I will also need a save button for that.

{{#widget:YouTube|id= uXqgXXAPOCU}}

Note: Bill Flanagan is the man. Where'd he find the id #? I was actually looking for that before. [UPDATE] the id # is after the v= in the youtube url. Check this page for more information