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User Friendliness

I have added in a to let the user adjust the image so they can find the correct objects. However, there is a problem converting the threshold limits from 8 bit to 16 bit. I can't get it correct. Also whenever the opens it reinitializes to default values and it would be much better if it initialized to last values. The blinking images are still a pain in my ass. But it is working still just badly right now.

hahaha I have defeated the fucking blinking just before i induced seizures. this is so much better.

So now my problem is that i can't transform my threshold from 8 bit to 16 bit. the problem is i need a minimum threshold of something like 1000. ahh i don't want to explain now. I'll continue to work. And yes I know in like two years i'll be back here going why the fuck didn't i explain myself. i'm a crack whore.

Fixed that converting problem: it turned out i was using IVA adjust dynamic and that was screwing it up. Either i should use IVA AD in both places or none. By both i mean the thresholding in the beginning and the actual tracking at the end. Right now i am using it in neither but this may change in the future.

So now this program has the user input their threshold values to locate objects. This was a major goal of mine. I gotta add in the ability to load values as well which shouldn't be too hard outside it may need an .ini file that Koch loves so much. This is still a one time run. I'll make it more automatic when the need arises. I need to save the data as well. So possibly this weekend i'll start the clean up process on this .VI (which will include disposing of all the images I create). But Koch, if you can think of more things this .vi has to do let me know. I feel like there was something else.