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Welcome to Tao's homepage


  • Tao obtained his B.S. (2011) in Chemistry from Tsinghua University. Now he is working on his master degree in Prof. Dongsheng Liu's group and expected to graduate in July, 2013. *Tao's current research experiences mainly focus on the fabrication of 3D DNA nano structures and related applications.
  • In addition to scientific interests, Tao also likes reading, tennis, table tennis, soccer, badminton, listening to the music, etc.
  • Tao is a diligent, highly motivated person and also a quick learner. In addition, he is outgoing and a good team member.


  • 2011-now M.S. Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University (expected July 2013)

Advisor: Prof. Dongsheng Liu; Prof. Zhongqiang Yang

  • 2007-2011 B.S. Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University


  1. Tao Zhou, Ping Chen, Lin Niu, Juan Jin, Dehai Liang, Zhibo Li, Zhongqiang Yang, Dongsheng Liu* "In-situ Size Tunable Self-assembled DNA Dendrimer" Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. accepted.