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Oct 8 - Fluorescence

  • Group Members Andrew Farag Sr (Undergrad) and Michael Bible Jr (Undergrad)
  • Group Name : AMT


  • To make stock solutions
  • To take UV-Vis and Fluorescence spectra of prepared R6G samples
  • To make a calibration curve using both fluorescence and UV-Vis data
  • To finish film synthesis


The completion of the film synthesis used the procedure from Tami's Notebook

R6G Fluorescence: Calibration and Measurement Completed by Michael

  1. Make stock concentrations (both groups can use the same solutions)
    • Initial stock: 2500μM, secondary stock: 500μM
    • 0.10μM
      • Made with 500μM solution
    • 0.50μM
      • Made with 500μM solution
    • 1.0μM
      • Made with 500uM solution
    • 1.5uM
      • Made with 500μM solution
    • 2.0μM
      • Made with 2500μM solution
    • 0.75μM
      • Made with 500μM solution
    • 1.2μM
      • Made with 500μM solution

Thanks to Madeleine for making initial 2500μM solution of R6G.

Fluorimeter Settings

  • 500nm excitation
  • 515-700nm scan range
  • 10.0nm slit width
  • 200nm/min scan speed