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Susana M. Simancas Giraldo

Current: Ph.D. Candidate - Uni Bremen, Germany
Biophysics UniAndes: M.Sc. Biological Sciences

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Pterogorgia guadalupensis sclerite - SPIM Microscopy 3D Reconstruction.
Pterogorgia guadalupensis sclerite - SPIM Microscopy 3D Reconstruction.

During my current Ph.D. training, I’ve been researching on how ocean acidification affects particular physiological processes on soft corals.

On my previous M.Sc. research in the Biophysics and BIOMMAR groups at the University of los Andes, we implemented interdisciplinary approaches in order to investigate the responses of soft corals and their larvae, to acidified environments. In particular, calcification responses and larvae stages development under stress conditions. My area of expertise in the Biophysics group included, the development and standardization of techniques in epifluorescence microscopy and SPIM microscopy (Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy), for quantifying calcium carbonate incorporated by corals into structures called sclerites, which are believed to be particularly sensitive to ocean acidification effects, as well as observations in vivo of larvae growth, surface attachment and sclerite production, relevant to coral further recruitment.

Research Groups

Marine Ecology - BreMarE

Biología Molecular Marina - BIOMMAR

Biophysics Research Group - Biofísica Uniandes

Mathematical and Computational Biology - BIOMAC


University of Bremen - Germany
Ph.D. Candidate Marine Ecology

University of Los Andes - Colombia
M.Sc. Biological Sciences

University of Los Andes - Colombia
B.Sc. Biology

Short Training Internships

Advanced Technology Institute in Life Sciences - ITAV Centre Pierre Potier
September 2013
ECOS Nord program
Light sheet microscopy (SPIM) – IP3D Team


• Spanish - Mother tongue
• English - Advanced
• German - Intermediate
• French - Intermediate
• Japanese - Basic

Research interests

• Marine Biology – Ocean Acidification
• Marine Biology – Octocoral Eco-physiology
• Marine Biology – Coral Calcification
• Biophysics – Fluorescense Microscopy
• Biophysics – SPIM Microscopy
• Computer Science – Digital image processing

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