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  • Biomineralization of Gold Nano-Particles (AuNP's)

To synthesize gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) using bovine serum albumen (BSA) and HAuCl4 .


  1. Create a 10mL solution of 0.0015mM BSA and .25mM HAuCl4 mM in a 50mM Acetate Buffer, pH 3.6.
  2. Place the solution in an oven at 80°C
  3. Monitor the reaction using a UV-Vis Spectrometer between 200 and 800 nm every 30 minutes starting at time=0.
  4. The reaction was wrapped in aluminum foil and left overnight at room temperature


.0015mM BSA * 66.776g/mmol BSA * 10mL = 0.001g BSA

.25mM HAuCl4 * .33979g/mmol * 10mL = 0.0008g HAuCl4


Figure 1. UV Spectra of the reaction measured at each 30 minute interval


Figure 2. Absorbance at 550nm v. Time


Figure 3. Absorbance V. Wavelength around 550nm region of interest


0.001g BSA and 0.001g were added to 10mL 50mM Acetate Buffer, pH 3.6. We were unable to take an accurate enough measurement to add 0.0008g, so instead 0.001g of HAuCl4 was added. A Shimadzu UV-2550 was used. At time 0 the UV-Vis was used to take a spectra of the solution. And at 12:04pm the solution was placed in the oven at 78 degrees. At 12:34 the solution was removed from the oven and another UV-Vis was spectra as taken. The solution was placed back in the oven, now at 69 degrees, at 12:41. At 1:11 the solution was removed, and a spectra taken. It was placed back in the oven at 1:17, the oven was 78 degrees. It was removed at 1:47, measured and replaced at 1:51 with a temperature of 70 degrees. It was removed again at 2:27, measured and replaced at 2:38 with a temperature of 74 degrees. Removed at 3:06, measured, replaced at 3:12 at 70 degrees. Removed for the final time at 3:35 and measured. Oven temp 64 degrees. Wrapped in foil and set at room temperature.

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