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Formation of a zein protein film.


A 90% v/v aqueous ethanol solution was prepared using 9mL of ethanol and 1mL of water. 0.237mL of glycerol was added to 1 g of zein. The 90% ethanol solution was then added to the mixture of glycerol and zein to make a final 10mL solution. The solution was gently mixed and then 5g was transfered to a 9cm diameter Petri dish and place in a 40°C oven for 24 h.


10% (w/v) zein in 10mL solution - 1g zein

30% glycerol by zein weight- 0.3g glycerol * 1mL/1.261g = 0.237mL glycerol

Photo (5).JPG


When observed at 1:15pm on 9/7/11, a thin yellow film had formed. When veiwed under the microscope small particles were dicernable. The film was removed from the dish and it was smooth and flexible.

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