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Steve Koch 01:04, 26 November 2008 (EST): Five frozen turkeys delivered on November 24, 2008 to the RRFB site down by the airport.

November 2008 Message

This is one of the sweet logos that Anthony Salvagno designed for our lab. It has no relevance to this page.
This is another one for our lab

Steve says: For the past many years, KT and I have enjoyed donating to the Roadrunner Food Bank of New Mexico. We have donated frozen turkeys during the Thanksgiving season and cash via the The United Way of Central New Mexico and other means (such as the virtual food drive. One specific program we like is the food for kids program.

This year I am planning on driving down to the frozen turkey drop-off location at ABQ Uptown on Saturday, Nov. 22. Since it is easy to take more turkeys (the efficiency improves as N increases, where N = number of frozen turkeys), I figured I would ask my neighbors if they'd like me to deliver any for them. My neighbors are awesome, so I am not asking them to replace any of their other charitable donations with this cause, just offering to save them driving if they'd like. Plus, this is just one more way to bring Treviso neighbors together. Our only current method of relationship building is drinking. Actually I forgot: really our method of relationship building is our children. So, with the turkey drive, that brings us to three methods, numbered one, two, and three.

So, if you feel like it, here's what you can do:

  • Give Steve or KT a check (cheque if you're Canadian) to be used for turkey purchases as Smith. Steve will collect these and then make the turkey purchases on or before Saturday Nov. 22. This is fully tax-deductible. Not only that, consider how much is being saved on gas money and greenhouse gas emissions. This could be as high as $500, depending on whether gas prices increase by a factor of 100 in the next couple weeks.
  • Give Steve or KT a check (cheque) for donation to RRFB. You can make the check payable to "Roadrunner Food Bank" and I will mail them to RRFB. This is also tax-deductible. Not only that, but by mailing all these checks in one small envelope, there will be great synergy produced by the saving of postage costs. For example, if stamps were to cost 50 cents, and I collected 1,001 checks, that would be a savings of $500 that could go towards fighting hunger. That is amazing.
  • If you like this charity and want to send in your own check, their address is: 2645 Baylor Dr SE, 871 or you can go to

Rarely asked questions (RAQs)

  • Why Turkeys from Treviso? As you know, our court is called "Treviso Ct." I have an affinity for alliteration as well as puns and after very little thought, this name seemed appropriate to me.
  • What is Treviso? Apparently it's some town in Italy.
  • Does drinking really bring your neighbors together? Yes.

Other notes

This is a picture of the roadrunner that hunts outside my office at the CHTM. He brings my lab good luck. I posted this on wikipedia, and some dude in Germany used this photo for his report on the cuckoo family of birds. Did you know that the roadrunner is in the cuckoo family? I did not, but now I do.

  • Stephanie from RRFB says, "We are always delighted to get donations of turkeys! You can deliver frozen turkeys directly to our warehouse at 2645 Baylor Dr. anytime we are open: Monday 7:00 – 4:00, Mon thru Fri 7:00 – 8:00, and Sat 8:00 – 3:00. Otherwise, we will be set up to collect turkeys at ABQ Uptown on Saturday, November 22 from 10:00 to 5:00."
  • Stephanie also says, "We do have many groups, business and individuals who collect monetary donations this time of year, so that is really helpful! People can make checks out to “Roadrunner Food Bank” and mail them to 2645 Baylor Dr SE, 87106 or make a donation online at"
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