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Transect # 2 Dave Mohebbi and Sophia Comas

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 11.08.03 AM.png

Transect # 2 is located just Northeast of the amphitheater, and consists of a moderately wooded area with a small, clear creek running through it. The land is not flat. The length of creek is the lowest point of elevation throughout the transect, with both banks rising on each side. The creek runs from the Southeast to the Northwest.

The exact boundaries of the transect area as of now unknown, as the popsicle sticks marking the boundaries were not seen.

The biotic components of this transect were: trees (marked on the map with blue circles,) grass, bushes and small vine (which were all along the creek), and many forms of wildlife such as insects and birds. There was also lichens and algae growing on the rocks, and a myriad of dead leaves covering most areas.

The abiotic component of this transect is the creek itself, which is clear and seemingly clean throughout our gated portion of land. The creek bed is primarily stone, with rocks of many sizes and compositions, and there is a fair amount of trash and otherwise non-natural items, such as bricks, discarded food containers, and plastic bags. These are randomly distributed along the transect and are very visible due to the clear water.