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Determining Processes of Isolating Gold Nanoparticles Using Refolding Buffers


Determining the effects of tris buffer with a pH 10.1 on gold nanoparticle and protein fibers.


  • UV-vis data of following solutions were taken:

1) ratio of 70 (Au to BSA)(prepared on 31/01/12)

2) ratio of 166 (Au to BSA)(prepared on 31/01/12)

3) dilutions of 0.9 ml of each AuNP solution with 0.1 ml of tris dilutions with a pH 10.01.





  • UV-vis data of 0.9 mL 70 Au/BSA ratio + 0.1 mL 50 mM tris buffer solution will be taken every wednesday.


for ratio of 70 Au:BSA


for ratio of 166 Au:BSA


for ratio of 70 Au:BSA


for peak absorbance

Ionic strenght ratio 70.jpg

for peak wavelenght

Peak wavelenght.jpg


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