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Biobrick Inventory Manager

  • iGEM teams end up using hundreds of biobrick parts over the course of the summer, so there is a demand for a fast, easy way to access part info and keep track of all the parts in the freezer. The biobrick program allows the user to query the Registry using standard part IDs (ie B1202) and get detailed info in a fraction of the time it takes to navigate to the Registry. It will also allow users to save biobricks locations (ie 'In the -4C Freezer, Russell's Box, Well 4F) associated with Biobrick IDs.

  • You can download it here : Biobricks Inventory Manager . Be sure to read the README, but feel free to email me if you have any questions. Info about any bugs and suggestions for improvement would be appreciated as well.

Biobricking Primers

  • This script allows the user to input a DNA sequence and outputs the primers necessary for biobricking that sequence via PCR. The script calculates Tm but does not (yet) consider primer dimers.

Biobricking Primers Script .txt

Overlap Oligo Maker

  • Some very fast and efficient DNA assembly methods require overlapping termini on each part. This script will take two DNA sequences and output the oligos (and the Tms) one would need to PCR up these constructs.

Overlap Oligos Script

Piano Lab Data Entry

  • This script was written to shortcut entering plate IDs one at a time for the Piano Lab's genomic interactions study. Here is the SOURCE CODE and then the web interface:

Piano Data CGI . If you're not in the Piano Lab, then you may not have all that much interest in this.

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