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Contact Info

Russell Durrett (decompressing)
  • Russell Durrett
  • New York Synthetic Biology Association
  • 33 Flatbush Ave, 7th Fl.
  • Brooklyn, NY 11217


  • 2010, BS in Anthropology, New York University
  • 2010, BS in Biochemistry, New York University
  • 2013, MS in Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship, NYU-Poly


Scientific Interests

  • My research life seems to revolve around the field of Synthetic Biology. I have developed undergraduate projects for the iGEM competition and have led NYU and NYC iGEM teams competing in the competition. Read more about NYU iGEM at the wiki : NYU iGEM and about NYC iGEM at : NY SynBio
  • In order to facilitate the formation of iGEM teams and the general presence of Synthetic Biology work in and around New York City, I cofounded the New York Synthetic Biology Association. This group of undergrads, graduate students and faculty members from universities all over New York City are brought together in order to connect faculty advisers to talented undergrad researchers and entrepreneurial scientists to sources of research funds. If this sounds like something you are interested in being a part of, you can email me through OpenWetWare.
  • Over the next decade I would like to see the development of a class of professionals who are able use their own capital to construct genetic devices as a profession. These genetic inventors would ideally be independent of academic affiliation but would still have access to a group of likeminded researchers to bounce ideas off of. To this end, I have cofounded the world's first 'community biology lab' in Brooklyn called GenSpace NYC for these individuals to work. Check it out here: GenSpace

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