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  1. Run UV/Vis for samples 5-8 SPI-silver and 9-12 WS, and brown rice protein-silver 20 mL from Feb. 17 reactions.
  2. Set up 20 mL reactions for SPI, Whey, Soy, and Casein just as we made them before.
  3. Set up 20 mL reactions for Whey and Soy without protein.
  4. For 2 and 3 (above) run UV/Vis before placing them in the oven.
  5. Set up 20 mL reactions for Whey-silver and Soy-silver according to the one that worked best based on UV/Vis
  6. Redo samples 43 and 44 from Feb. 10, for Pea protein


  1. Used same nutritional proteins on 02/02/16
  2. Protein and gold stocks prepared fresh every day
  3. Ocean Optics UV Vis was used to record UVVIS Spectra of Casein AgNPs. The other machine broke and is unusable.
    1. Integration time= 10ms and Average =100.
    2. A water blank in the same quartz cuvette was subtracted from the spectra before running any samples.


  1. Further reduce stock protein concentrations (and thus concentrations in reaction mix) to increase metal/protein ratio to spur NP formation as we saw protein aggregate and nanofiber formation in previous reactions
  2. increase concentration from 02/16/16 trial
  3. comparing citrate to no citrate samples, and vary citrate concentration
  1. Prepare 20ml reaction to synthesize large quantities of reactions known to work
    1. Pea Protein and Brown Rice Protein AgNP
    2. For pea protein test, at neutral (pH=7), basic (pH=12) and acidic (pH=2) pH
      1. Note that spectra of reaction mixes before reacting need to be taken
      2. Also note that this is just one size of nanoparticle that can be made with these reactions, its possible to change variables and change size and functionality of nanoparticle, these were just the first reactions to work.
  1. Reaction mix data can be found at the link SRB Lab Notebook Data

and the reaction itself was run on 02/24/16, the reaction mix planning and UV Vis from 02/17/16 was performed on the 02/23/16


  1. Color change notes and UV-VIs information can be found at the link SRB Lab Notebook Data