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  • Attatch peek and teflon tubing together using method that worked best and see if flow rated could be controlled through each


  1. Paper clip method worked best
  2. 3mL and 30mL syringes attatched to syringe pump
    1. Parameters: diameter-9.17mm & total volume- 3mL
  3. 3mL syringe contained water and 30mL contained ethyl acetate
    1. we tested various speeds and found 0.05 mL/min to be the most ideal for forming the beads
  4. PVA replaced the water and it was run with ethyl acetate at the speed 0.05 mL/min
    1. It was more difficult than the water and ethyl acetate to identify whether beads were forming due to the similarly colored solvents


  • Add data and results here...


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