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11/12 - 11/13 (Day 15 and 16)

  • AuNPs were synthesized on 11/12 following the same concentrations, procedures and incubation periods as done in previous runs.
  • New Au Seed (made on 11/6) was used, we are hopeful for better SEM results from these samples


  • Cubic samples mostly crashed out during centrifugation
  • Purple waste (mix of supernatants from various AuNPs) was also analyzed on SEM

SEM Images: 800CubicNew.png SEM of Cubic AuNPs shown above.

800OctahedralNew.png SEM of Octahedral AuNPs shown above.

800PurpleWaste.png SEM of Purple Waste shown above.

800RDNew.png 800RDNew2.png SEM of RD samples, best looking samples to date. We credit the new Au Seed/solutions as potentially changing the quality of sample.