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11/6 (Day 14)

Once again, we attempted to synthesize a new Au Seed solution using the protocols established earlier in the previous trials. However, we synthesized new NaBH4 and CTAB with the new vials that were ordered. Furthermore, we decided on keeping the centrifugation period 20 minutes at 3250 rpm for every round. We once again obtained a dark purple/ink color before incubating overnight in 40C.

Upon removing the samples the following day, we noticed one solution was pink in color while the other sample was clear in color. After centrifuging both for one round, we were able to see a considerable amount of gold precipitate in the solution with the pink color. Furthermore, after redispersing the solution into CPC after the final round of centrifugation, we were able to synthesize 10mL of new Au seed. This Au Seed was marked and will be used in the synthesis of AuNPs.