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Design set up to include second syringe pump for gluteraldehyde.

Lab Protocol

  • Try to use syringe to join PEEK tubing instead of cutting hole and gluing.
  • Determine rate at which gluteraldehyde needs to come out of syringe so that it mixes with PVA in 2:1 ratio.
  • Determine length of tygon tubing so that PVA and gluteraldehyde mix for five minutes before exiting tube.


  • Calculations for length of tygon tubing and rate for second syringe pump in picture below.


  • Rate of red syringe pump: 0.05 mL/min
  • Rate of grey syringe pump: 0.1 mL/min
  • Length of tygon tubing after PEEKing tubing has joined: 50.5 cm
    • Diameter of tygon tubing: 1/32" --> 0.0794 cm, thus radius: 0.0397 cm
 V = pi*r^2*l
 (0.05 mL/min*5 min) = 3.14 * 0.00158 cm^2 * l
 0.25 mL / (3.14 * 0.00158 cm^2) = l
 l = 50.5 cm

  • Syringe tip in tygon tubing. While insertion is made easier the syringe creates too much pressure and causes leaking.



  • Do not tighten blank joint on PEEK tubing too tight, will cause it to crack.

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