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Stir method

  • The synthesis method that was done on 10/8 was repeated.
  • From doing microscope analysis, it looks as though at 150 minutes, the hydrogels are aggregating together(clumping) as a result, it seems that synthesis for 4 hours may be unnecessary. Tomorrow, synthesis will be done using the same method but for 105 minutes and samples will be removed every 15 minutes. (total of 7 points of analysis 14 collected samples).
    • Two samples will be made, The first will be prepared in the same manner as last week
    • The second will be made in the same manner, but less water will be added ( see volumes below) and 1.36mL of HAuCl4 will be added immediately after the iron has been added.

Dye Synthesis

  • The method for dye removal and analysis previously used has not resulted in any definitive results. The issue being that when the hydrogels are washed with water and centrifuged, the dye is coming out and therefore, it is difficult to assess how much dye was originally in the hydrogels and how much was removed as a result of magnetic presence.
  • As a result, new dye addition samples will be made but with the addition of gold (Chlorauric Acid-- HAuCl4.

Gold Addition

  • The following stock solutions were made today.

Hemeoglobin Stock solution

Preparation of hemoglobin Stock solution '
Molecular weight (g/mol) 64500
mass hemglobin (g) 0.0995
volume solution (L) 0.1
Concentration (M) 1.54264E-05

Gold Stock solution

Preparation gold stock '
Molecular weight Au (g/mol) 393.83
mass Au(g) 0.01446
volume stock(L) 0.01
Concentration (M) 0.003671635

Magentite-Hemoglobin-Gold Synthesis

  • Concentration of gold desired in each solution= .0025M

Volumes added to make 1 samples of 16500:1 Mag-Heme with .0025M internal concentration Au

Ratio 16500:1 Mag heme; gold Concentration Hemoglobin Volume Hemoglobin Added (mL) amount of FeSO4 added(mL) amount of KOH added (mL) amount of KNO3 added (mL) volume Water added (mL) volume of gold added (mL)
16500 1.81818E-06 2.357240749 2 1.870333333 8.888888889 3.521745881 1.361791148
  1. Samples will be made using the sonication method described in the general protocol
  2. The only difference will be, after 1.5 hours of synthesis have been completed, the 1.36mL of gold will be added to each sample. And then the synthesis will be allowed to continue for another 1.5 hours.
  • After synthesis is complete, dye addition will be done using the following volumes and concentrations.

Dye Addition

Rhodamine 6G

R6G stock concentration (uM) 1021
Total desired volume (L) 0.0015
  • Dye Addition
sample number desired concentration of dye in each sample volume of dye added (L) in mL in uL volume of magnetite sample added (mL)
1 0.00002 2.9383E-05 0.029382958 29.38295788 1.470617042
2 0.00004 5.87659E-05 0.058765916 58.76591577 1.441234084
3 0.00006 8.81489E-05 0.088148874 88.14887365 1.411851126
4 0.00008 0.000117532 0.117531832 117.5318315 1.382468168
5 0.0001 0.000146915 0.146914789 146.9147894 1.353085211
6 0.00015 0.000220372 0.220372184 220.3721841 1.279627816
7 0.0002 0.00029383 0.293829579 293.8295788 1.206170421


  • This entire synthesis procedure will be done on Friday.
  • A total of 3 sonicated samples will be made.
    • 1 will be used to make dye addition samples to be analyzed by UV-Vis next week
    • 1 will be used to make dye addition samples to be analyzed by fluorescence next week
    • 1 extra in case it is needed.
      • A total of 21 samples will be made. 3 of each dye concentration.