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UV-Vis standards

  • Standards needed to be made of R6G in order to calculate the amount of dye that was absorbed and how much dye remains in the solution.

Molar Absorptivity of R6G: 116000 LMol-1cm-1 Assumed stock concentration: .005 M

  • Because the absorbance of R6G is so high, standard concentrations needed to be diluted to below 8 μM.

Table 1. Standard concentrations in 2mL solutions

Standard Concentrations (uM) Actual Concentration (M) Absorbance
0 0 0
2 1.59483E-06 0.185
4 3.18966E-06 0.37
6 4.78448E-06 0.555
8 6.37931E-06 0.74

R6G calibration curve.jpg

  • The concentration of the original stock solution was 398.7μM

Table 2: Actual concentration of dye in eppendorf samples

Sample number believed concentration Concentration in 1mL solution (uM) molar concentration in epp tubes (M)
1 20 15.94827586 1.59483E-05
2 40 31.89655172 3.18966E-05
3 60 47.84482759 4.78448E-05
4 80 63.79310345 6.37931E-05
5 100 79.74137931 7.97414E-05
6 150 119.612069 0.000119612
7 200 159.4827586 0.000159483


-These samples were left for too long without being tested and resulted in some of the dye releasing out of the complexes. For this reason, UV-Vis of these samples were not fully run and new samples were made.