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Two trials were run consisting of 7 vials each. One included protein and one did not. The liquid was removed from the vials and transferred into a epindorff tube after one minute, and then in 5 minute intervals up to 30 minutes. The 1, 5, and 10 minute no protein vials for turned purple fairly immediately (each within 5 minutes of being transferred to the tube). The remaining no protein vials are clear 1 hour after the reaction began, with the exception of the 20 minute vial which is very lightly purple. The 1 - 15 minute tubes of gold and protein are all clear 1 hour after the reaction began. The 20 minute vial is the darkest hue of purple and started darkening within 5 minutes of removing from the vial. The 25 minute and 30 minute tubes behaved very similarly but are slightly less dark than the 20 minute.

10 and 15 minutes G+P started turning purple after 1 hour and 25 minutes 5 and 1 minute G+P started turning purple 10 minutes later, but a lighter hue