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Registration/Questionnaire: 20.109 Fall 2009

Last Name


First Name


Preferred name



Major: Course 20 - Biological Engineering
Minor: Course 7 - Biology
Minor: Course 21W - Creative Writing
Dabbling: Course 6 - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Year of Graduation


Telephone #

prefer not to put on the Internet


pbaranay at mit dot edu

Have you taken or are you taking...

  • 7.05/5.07 (Biochemistry) - plan on taking Spring '10
  • 7.06 (Cell Biology) - plan on taking Spring '10
  • 7.02 (General Biology Lab) - no
  • 5.310 (General Chemistry Lab) - no

Do you have any experience culturing cells (mammalian, yeast or microbial)?

  • Worked extensively with yeast during Summer '08 (Amon Lab)

Do you have any experience in molecular biology (electrophoresis, PCR, etc)?

Please briefly describe any previous laboratory experience

  • Lang Lab (MIT)
    • biomechanics
    • fluorescence force microscopy
  • Galagan Group (Broad Institute)
    • bioinformatics
    • investigated tuberculosis
  • Amon Lab (Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research)
    • oncology, yeast
    • worked extensively with yeast culture (genotyping)
  • Langer Lab (MIT)
    • hydrogels, vocal folds
    • observed several animal surgeries
  • Roder Lab (Biomechanics & Biomaterials in Orthopedics at Notre Dame)
    • biomechanics
    • investigated diffusion of gold nanoparticles through bone (simulated by using procion red dye)
  • Wiest Lab (Notre Dame)
    • computational biology
    • investigated potential HDAC inhibitors for use in anti-cancer drugs

Anything else you would like us to know?

I'm an active member of student government. I enjoy the finer things in life: motorcycles, chocolate, and great friends.