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Contact Info

Staying classy.

I am a biological engineering student at MIT (Class of 2011). I learned about OpenWetWare through an MIT seminar on bioengineering called 20.020, and am currently using OWW as a student in an MIT lab class, 20.109.



  • B.S. in Biological Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Expected Graduation: Spring 2011)

Research Interests

  • oncology
  • bioinformatics
  • biomaterials
  • genomics
  • orthopedics
  • bioinformatics
  • synthetic biology / DIYbio

Research Experience

  • Lang Lab (MIT)
  • Galagan Group (Broad Institute)
  • Amon Lab (Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research)
  • Langer Lab (MIT)
  • Roder Lab (Biomechanics & Biomaterials in Orthopedics at Notre Dame)
  • Wiest Lab (Notre Dame)