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Ocean Optics pH11

Sample Preparation

  1. [Au]=0.25 mM
  2. [BSA]=3.125 uM
  3. Vf=3000 uL

Stock Concentrations

  1. [BSA]= 30.4 uM
  2. [Au]= 3.37 mM
  3. [NaOH]= 1 M

Volumes used:

  1. 308.38 uL BSA
  2. 225.55 uL Au
  3. 2466.06 uL H2O
  4. 3.00 uL NaOH


The graph above displays our absorbance over time for our pH 11 solution. The absorbance is very low, as expected when no nanoparticles are formed. There is a minuscule increase at the beginning, but it does not continue and plateaus quickly.

This graph is depicts our absorbance at 535.15 nm over time. It follows the same trends as general absorbance.

The graph above displays the maximum wavelength over time. Initially the wavelength was 450, but at around 2800 seconds, there was a jump to approximately 486 nm, where it remained for the rest of the run.