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Ocean Optics

  • BSA Ocean Optics


  1. pH 8
  2. [Au]=0.25 mM
  3. [BSA]=3.125 uM
  4. Vf=3000 uL

Stock Concentrations

  1. [BSA]= 63.1 uM
  2. [Au]= 2.39 mM
  3. [NaOH]= 1 mM

Volumes used for solution preparation:

  1. 148.9 uL BSA
  2. 255.6 uL Au
  3. 2565.4 uL H20
  4. 3 uL NaOH


BSA OceanOptics pH8 absorbance.PNG The graph above details the absorbance of our pH8 solution at wavelength 535.15 over time. The absorbance increases over time. It appears to have three stages. The beginning (0-4000 seconds) appears to be exponential. The middle (4000-8000 seconds ) appears to be linear. The end (8000-~11000 seconds) appears to be logrithmic.

BSA OceanOptics pH8 maxwavelength.PNG The graph above shows the maximum wavelength of our pH8 solution over time. The maximum wavelength is held constant at approximately 486nm until about 3800 seconds. The max wavelength then spikes to 550 nm. It immediately drops back down to about 536nm. From there is fluctuates between 532nm and 540nm for the remainder of the experiment.

BSA OceanOptics pH8 535.15absorbance.PNG The graph above details the absorbance at maximum wavelength over time. As expected, it mimics the graph of general absorbance (first figure).