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Odoba Okwuosa

Odoba Okwuosa Headshot.jpg

Contact Information

Email Address (ookwuosa at lion dot lmu dot edu)

Email OdobaOkwuosa through OpenWetware


  • Loyola Marymount University
    • Bachelor of Science Candidate, Biology major, Chinese Minor
    • Expected graduation: May 2024

Career Interests and Goals

  • I am interested in genetics and epidemiology.
  • I plan on attending medical school and have interest in the fields of cardiology and anesthesiology

Work Experience

  • Women’s Business Development Council (2020 - Present)
    • Special Projects Assistant
      • Coordinate and initiate fundraising to fund programs such as business literacy classes
      • Establish and maintain donor relations

Personal Interests/Hobbies

  • My favorite things to do include cooking and traveling. Exposure to new things and places is very important in being a well-rounded person.

Favorite Aspect of Biology

  • My favorite aspect of Biology is the variety it has, it is hard to get bored when there are so many fields to be studied under the large scope of it all.

Favorite Aspect of Computer Science

  • My favorite part of Computer Science is the easy availability to information it provides. It improves the research process, and allows for efficiency to be increased


  1. I used the user pages of Madeleine King and Annika Adinulos as samples of a user page
  2. Instructions of Biol 368-01 Week 1 helped in formatting my headshot and user page.


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