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Repetition of "protein blank spectrum" from the Maltose Binding Protein lab. A UV-Vis Spectrum was taken of 'theoretical' MBP stock concentrations of 1000µg/mL, dilutions of 0.2, 2.0, 10, 100, and 1000 µL/mL. Using the equation solved in the full MBP/Bradford Reagent lab and the UV-Vis spectrum of the '2µg/mL' solution, the original stock concentration was solved to be 266.055µg/mL by back calculating from the true concentration of the '2µg/mL' solution.


Equation used from previous experiment: At 500 nm, Absorbance= 0.231 x Concentration

Resolved Concentrations:

Dilutions: 0.53211, 0.053211, 2.66055, 26.6055, and 266.055 µg/mL

Stock: 266.055 µg/mL

Oct5UVSpec.png Oct5MolarAbsorbtivity.png -Peak is noticeable around 280 nm wavelength.


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