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A repertition of the 9/27 gold nps experiment using final correct concentrations: 581 µL Chloroauric acid (0.25mM) and 974 µL BSA (1.5uM) in 10mL of water added together with 8445 µL water. The samples were maintained at constant 70C within the UV-Vis while the reaction proceeded. A UV-vis spectrum was analyzed at 0 seconds (t0) and after thirty minutes following.



   4.3E-3*V1=2.5E-5*.01L--> 581.39 uL of Au3+--> 4.3mM
   15.4E-6*V1=1.5E-6*.01L--> 974.02 uL of BSA--> 15.4µM
   Volume of H20 or Buffer--> 8445 uL of H20
   total volume of solution: 10,000uL

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