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The purpose of today's lab is to synthesize AuNP fibers using the protocol from September 2. However, since our synthesis failed on September 2, the standard solutions that we will use today will have different concentrations.

We'll also compile all out our Eppindorf mass data and our UV-Vis data onto one spreadsheet for the class.


Dr. Hartings made the standards according to his protocol in his lab notebook for today.

We synthesized 16 1mL Eppindorf tubes and 10 5mL test tubes of the AuNP solutions according to the following protocol:

  • 1 mL samples
    • Volume of gold stock: 84.4 μL
    • Volume of protein stock: 276 μL
    • Volume of water: 640 μL
  • 5 mL samples
    • Volume of gold stock: 422 μL
    • Volume of protein stock: 1,380 μL
    • Volume of water: 3,198 μL

According to this protocol, the final concentration of gold should be 0.25 mM and the final concentration of lysozyme should be 5.556 μM. This gives a Au:lysozyme ratio of 45, which should yield fibers.

Matt Hartings What were the results of your syntheses?


All of our 5mL samples successfully formed AuNP fibers.Unfortunately, all of our 1mL samples failed to produce AuNP fibers; only homogeneous solutions of AuNP were formed.