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Function an importance of the chemicals used in the different suspensions and systems

This entry contains the information on the roles played by each single chemical in the suspensions and systems we use for our experiments. IT IS NOT COMPLETE YET.

Antifade System

The Glucose Oxidase oxidizes the D-Glucose, which serves as fuel in the system. In this process it uses all the O2 present, which is the causing agent for photobleaching. As this process takes place, H202 is formed.

The Catylase decomposes the produced H202.

The BME prevents blinking of the fluorophore.

  • Fluorophores that show spontaneous fluctuation in emission are known as blinking fluorophores. Among the causes for this phenomenon are: Triple-state formations, polarization effects and photo induced isomerizations.

Tubulin Suspension

PIPES is the buffering agent.

EGTA takes care of the Ca+ excess

MgCl2 contains Mg, which presences is vital for the motility.

NaOH is used as the pH agent and to grant solubility