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α – PEM

  • This entry contains the steps on preparing a solution of α-Casein in PEM.


The concentration of α-Casein in PEM has to be 1 mg/ml. In this particular case, we prepared a solution with a total volume of 26 ml and since we have the 10xPEM buffer stored, the amounts of compounds needed are:

  • 2.6 ml of 10xPEM
  • 23.4 ml of distilled water
  • 0.026 g of α-Casein

    • NOTE: The α-Casein comes is the form of thin string attached to one another. Thus, the best way to obtain the necessary amount of chemical is by using twezeers.

Place all three compounds in an autoclaved beaker. Place a stirring magnet in the beaker and stir the solution for 45 minutes to an hour.

Once ready, prepare 1 ml aliquots and store them in the 4C fridge. Label the vials in the following manner: α-PEM (1 mg/ml α-Casein in PEM)

    • NOTE: The labeling is very important!
  • Andy Maloney 02:18, 29 October 2010 (EDT): So this is just my nomenclature. It works for me but, you are more than welcome to come up with some other way that is suited for yourself. As long as we can communicate effectively and know what each other is talking about, you can change the label to anything you seem fit.

α-PEM (1 mg/ml α-Casein in PEM) is different from PEM-α (0.5 mg/ml α-Casein in PEM)