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  • To synthesize Zein protein film without the use of BSA conjugated Nanoparticles.


1.Approximately 9 mL of ethanol and 1 mL of distilled H2O were placed in a 10 mL graduated cylinder to prepare a 90% ethanol solution.

2.Approximately 1g of Zein was placed into an erlenmeyer flask.

3.Approximately 240μl of glycerol was carefully inserted into the erlenmeyer flask.

4.Approximately 8.7 mL of ethanol was pipetted into the erlenmayer flask and the mixture was mixed using a stir bar.

5.Approximately 5g of the mixture was transfered to a 9cm diameter Petri dish.

6.The cover of the petri dish was removed and the petri dish was placed into the oven for 24hours. The oven temperature was 40°C


  • A solution of Zein (10% w/v) along with Ethanol (90%v/v) and Glycerol (30% on Zein weight basis) was prepared by using the following procedure.
  • Approximately 9 mL Ethanol and 1 mL distilled water were added to a 10 mL graduated cylinder.
 Calculation: (9ml/10ml)*100%= 90% v/v Ethanol
  • To prepare 10%w/v Zein: 0.1 = x grams of zein / 10ml of solution
                          x= 1g of Zein.
  • To prepare Glycerol (30% on Zein weight basis): 0.3*(1g of Zein)= 0.3g of Glycerol
  • The density of Glycerol equals 0.261g/cm3.
  • 1.261g/ml=0.3g/x ml of Glycerol.
x = 0.24ml of Glycerol


  • The Zein protein film produced was flexible, shiny, and had a yellow pigment.
  • Overtime, the Zein protein film became inelastic.

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