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AA spectroscopy

General Protocol:

  1. Transfer ~4mL of sample from test tubes into a 10mL falcon tube.
  2. Centrifuge ~4mL protein-AuNP solutions for 30 minutes at 4000rpm. Be sure that the centrifuge is balanced.
  3. Prepare 5 standard Au solutions (10μg/mL, 20μg/mL, 30μg/mL, 40μg/mL, 50μg/mL) following protocol described on 09/10/2013.
  4. Run samples on AA.
  5. Prepare calibration curve and prepare a graph showing the concentration of Au vs Au:Protein ratio

Table 1. Standard Au Solution preparation from 1000μg/mL AA Au gold standard solution

Concentration(μg/mL) Volume of stock Au solution(mL) Volume Deionized water added(mL)
10 0.1 9.9
20 0.2 9.8
30 0.3 9.7
40 0.4 9.6
50 0.5 9.5

Figure 1. AA Gold Standard Calibration Curve
Figure 2. Hemoglobin Absorbance Curve
Concentration vs Absorbance Hemoglobin.jpg
Figure 3. Myoglobin Absorbance Curve
Concentration vs Absorbance Myoglobin.jpg


  • Lysozyme solutions prepared on 10/30/2013 all produced fibers and appear colorless except for the 30:1 ratio(appears furthest to the right). This solution is mildly colored.
  • All myoglobin solutions prepared on 10/30/2013 produced fibers and appear colorless.